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Raelynn Receives Our 20th Adaptive Bike Surprise

We are so excited to announce our 20th adaptive bike giveaway to a local recipient living with disabilities. This weekend, nine-year-old Raelynn Alaina Morrison got a chance to ride her new adaptive bike – customized to her mobility needs.

Brad Marsh pushing Raelynn on her adaptive bike

“It was truly magical,” observed our Executive Director, Kelly Green. “Raelynn was completely surprised and overjoyed, and she was able to ride her new bike independently. It was so special. It will really help her not only to ride with her sibling but also to continue to progress in physical therapy as she gets more activity and exercise. The entire family was so grateful.”

9-year-old Raelynn rides her new adaptive bike in the street outside of her home as Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Bob Kelly, Brad Marsh, and Joe Watson look on smiling. Raelynn is being pushed by a family member who wears a black Flyers jersey that matches hers.

“Raelynn was so happy. This little girl was amazing!! Yup, I cried.”

Born 10 weeks premature, Raelynn is living with cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, and symptoms of epilepsy and sight loss. Her family is grateful for her warm and smiling presence. Her diagnosis comes along with a multitude of care and wellness challenges, including a need for ongoing therapy and surgical procedures to maintain as much flexibility and motion in her legs and feet as possible.

For kids like Raelynn, an adaptive bike can be a game-changer, giving them access to a classic childhood pleasure while increasing their ability to enjoy exercise, fresh air, and spending time with their families and communities. However, insurance typically refuses to help with the cost of an adaptive bike, leaving families on the hook for $5,000 or more out-of-pocket.

With the help of generous partners, including the Flyers Alumni Association, our local Freedom Concepts adaptive bike giveaways bring joy within reach.

Flyers Alumni Brad Marsh holds the back of the black and orange Flyers themed adaptive bike as 9-year-old Raelynn sits on the bike and raises one arm into the air. Raelynn and a family member wear matching black Philadelphia Flyers jerseys. They are in a concrete driveway.

Raelynn’s bike giveaway was made possible with assistance from our friends at the Flyers Alumni Association through their Every Child Deserves a Bike program. We love working with Brad, Bob, Joe, and the entire Flyers Alumni family to bring these special moments to life!

Raelynn’s family will continue to fundraise with Help Hope Live for the out-of-pocket expenses associated with her diagnosis. Said Kelly Green:

“They adore their Client Services Coordinator. They are coming up with so many great fundraising ideas!”

Raelynn, who is living with cerebral palsy, is pictured seated in her black and magenta wheelchair holding a pink ball on her lap. She is smiling with her arm around her sister. Raelynn and her sister both have light skin and long red hair with brown eyes.

You Help Us Bring Joy Within Reach

If Raelynn’s story (and the joy written on her face) moved you today, please consider making a donation to Help Hope Live. Your generous gift funds every aspect of our far-reaching mission, which covers so much more than trusted medical fundraising – from adaptive bike giveaways like these to in-depth patient resources.

Thank you!

Written by Emily Progin