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RARE Global Advocacy Alliance Member Spotlight: Sonny Mullen

A graphic reads Global Advocacy Alliance Member Spotlight. Global Genes: Global Advocacy Alliance. #CareAboutRARE. There is a circular photo of Sonny Mullen, Help Hope Live's Director of Outreach. She has light skin, curly sandy brown hair, and a smile. A quote from Sonny reads: Every diagnosis and every individual living with that diagnosis may have a totally different experience and presentation. As a result, offering cohesive resources can be challenging—but that leaves already-stressed parents and family members with the task of seeking out other resources in their community.

“Having a rare disease truly isn’t rare. The community is thriving, and there is support waiting for you.”

Thankful to our friends at Global Genes for publishing a spotlight on Sonny Mullen, Help Hope Live’s Director of Outreach. Learn about Sonny’s personal connection to the rare disease community and where she sees hope for a brighter future for the disability community.

Written by Emily Progin