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All-New Feature: Resource Directories

We have hand-selected and compiled comprehensive, verified listings of some of the critical sources of support that could ease your medical journey in an all-new feature available to all Help Hope Live clients and their families.

Introducing Resource Directories:

Whether you’re looking for a support group, financial grants, temporary lodging options, or something completely different, we hope our Resource Directories will be an invaluable source of help to you and your family.

Where to Find Them

You will be able to find Resource Directories at any time: log in, then visit your Campaign Dashboard and look in the Resources section.

You can also find Resource Directories on our website via Publications under the About menu.

What Did We Miss?

Maintaining these Resources is a collaborative effort with input from our partners, supporters, clients, and advocates. If we’re missing a resource that has helped you on your journey, please let us know so we can continue to enhance our guides.

We will continue to evolve our resources and capabilities to meet your needs, whether as part of your fundraising journey or on your quest to ensure a comfortable life and a brighter future. Hope is not cancelled!

Written by Emily Progin