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Rural Life as a Wheelchair User

Tracey Porreca

Living in Alaska isn’t easy for wheelchair users, but Tracey Porreca wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

New Mobility recently featured how individuals like Tracey handle mobility challenges and day-to-day farming and outdoor tasks in unique rural environments. Tracey lives in a remote location in Alaska where -40 is normal for mid-December.

While her environment poses unique challenges ranging from transportation risks to regular travel for qualified medical care, Tracey says she loves her unique and lush natural environment.

“I decided then I would not be fearful. The mindset is to meet things head on”

Her Help Hope Live fundraising campaign is critical to generating support for her out-of-pocket expenses connected to the rare diagnosis hypophosphatasia.

Tracey not only met but exceeded her initial $10,000 fundraising goal in less than six days.

She shared this Update on her Campaign Page on April 19:

“I’m very surprised and truly humbled by everyone’s generosity. Special thanks to Help Hope Live for being an amazing, responsible nonprofit organization in helping me with this. I can’t say enough good things!”

Written by Emily Progin