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Fundraiser for Saluda 11-year-old in need of medical transport van

Cynthia Fanny Del Valle-Silvero

11-year-old Cynthia del Valle-Silvero is being interviewed by Brandon Dawson of WJBF Newschannel 6 ABC at her school. Cynthia has light brown skin, glasses, and dark hair and is seated in her power chair with a small service dog on her lap. Brandon has light brown skin, glasses, and a Newschannel 6 ABC polo shirt with an interview mic in his hand. Both are smiling.

“It makes me feel like I do have a community who helps me. They’re trying their best to help me with this fundraiser.” 

The community of 11-year-old Cynthia Del Valle-Silvero is rallying to help meet a critical need through community-based fundraising.

Cynthia wasn’t expected to live to three years old. Today, she is defying the odds and thriving while living with a form of muscular atrophy. She’s engaged at school and loves swimming, nature, and animals.

Because she uses a wheelchair for mobility, an accessible van is a must – especially as Cynthia grows and becomes too big to lift in and out of a non-modified vehicle. Safe transportation is key to school, play, medical appointments, family gatherings and more, but insurance won’t cover the cost.

Cynthia Del Valle-Silvero smiles in a screenshot from news coverage filmed at her school. She is with her mom and dad - all three have light brown skin and dark hair. Cynthia has glasses and sits in her black power chair.

That’s why Cynthia’s support community, including members of her school’s support team and her physical therapist, is partnering with us for trusted medical fundraising.

This child has a really big heart—this is a big need for her and her family.” 

In a screenshot from news coverage, 11-year-old Cynthia Del Valle-Silvero is at her school with two staff members. She is sitting in her black power chair with her small service dog on her lap and has light brown skin, dark hair, and glasses. Written by Emily Progin