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Sonora artist Judy Grossman suffers life-changing medical event

Judy L Grossman

“Have you been shopping in downtown Sonora? To the farmer’s market on Saturdays? Have you visited any of the small towns in Tuolumne County? If your answer is YES, then you’ve seen some of Judy’s contributions to our community.”

In April 2022, open heart surgery left artist Judy Grossman with paraplegia.

Judy has spent more than 35 years as a community artist and graphic designer in her area. Her husband of 18 years, Dean, has transitioned into the role of her primary caregiver as she continues to navigate life with paralysis.

Judy is living at a friend’s home temporarily due to the inaccessibility of her own house. Out-of-pocket medical and related expenses add up fast – and Dean and Judy know an accessible van will have to be a part of their future, too, for Judy to remain active and connected to her community.

They are fundraising for uninsured costs with Help Hope Live.

“Grossman’s campaign on the Help Hope Live website has raised nearly $10,700 toward a $100,000 funding goal.”

Before her paralyzing surgery, artist Judy Grossman is pictured on the floor surrounded by her colorful paintings. She has light skin, short red-black hair, and glasses. Her art is in turn whimsical, bold, colorful, and mystical. Written by Emily Progin