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Hartland couple seeks support for son who suffers from severe PTSD

Help Hope Live in the News

Jason M Teagarden

Jason Teagarden's parents hold a photo of their adopted sons. Jason's father has light skin, a shirt brown beard, and a ball cap. Jason's mother has shoulder-length blonde hair and light skin. Jason and his brother are young children in the photo wearing matching navy and white outfits. Both boys have light brown skin.

“Insurance isn’t covering this…so far, we’ve had to pay 100% out of pocket.”

Janine and Jay Teagarden are fundraising with Help Hope Live for the residential treatment costs for their adopted son, Jason, who is living with multiple mental health issues including complex PTSD.

Due to childhood trauma, both Jason and his brother experience daily physical and mental challenges related to their mental health diagnoses. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified Jason’s difficulties, with episodes that placed their loving and funny kid into a traumatic state with a heightened fight-or-flight response.

“Some wounds and illnesses cannot be seen. Our son has such wounds.”

The residential treatment program that Janine and Jay have found for Jason is a significant source of hope and the only place where he can receive the care they believe he needs to make genuine progress. Fundraising and community support are necessary to bring that hope within reach.

“This program where Jason is at has provided so much hope. He is making strides. He has the will.”

Reclined in a chair, Jason's father holds Jason, who is a child with brown skin and black hair. Jason's father has light skin and short brown hair and tribal tattoos on his right arm. His eyes are closed with an expression of love. Written by Emily Progin