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In these local lagers, you’ll find something borrowed, something Bull

Thomas Bull

Celebrating two years since a life-changing heart transplant, our client Tom Bull is a brewer who is paying it forward with a namesake beer.

When he was first listed for transplant, Tom’s health derailed his career as a brewer and brewery owner. Post-transplant, his course of anti-rejection medications required him to stay away from the trappings of his trade, including yeast, mold, and grain – all of which can pose a risk to his health.

Today, he is helping to manage the HeartBrothers House, which enables heart failure patients just like him to rent inexpensive rooms as they pursue medical care.

A portion of the proceeds from his beer The Bull will go to the HeartBrothers Foundation, allowing Tom to contribute to a network of support for other heart failure families.

Written by Emily Progin