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Fundraising with Video: Tips and 10 Creative Ideas

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Every time you log into your favorite social media platform, you probably can’t go more than a few seconds without seeing video content.  

In this blog post, you’ll learn why video is an effective tool, then get our top 10 video ideas for Help Hope Live clients and their team members to create and share. 

Stick around to the end of the post for important video creation reminders to make your video content as impactful as possible.  

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Why Video Works

According to Sprout Social:

People retain about 95% of the information they learn in a video.

That’s compared to retaining only 10% of what they read in text.  

50% of users prefer video over other types of social content.  

Even though video is an effective tool for sharing info and insights, it isn’t used as often as you might think.

Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter X, video makes up less than 15% of posts.

That means sharing video is a big opportunity to connect with new users, engage your existing followers, and get creative with your social media content.  

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Does Video Work for Fundraising Campaigns?

The short answer is, yes!

Video can be a fantastic tool for fundraising.  

Why does video work well as part of a strategy for sharing a fundraising campaign? Here are four reasons.

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Video adds authenticity.

It’s not easy to make text come to life for an online user. Filming a video is one of the fastest ways to create an authentic look at yourself or your day-to-day life. 

Video breathes life into content and helps users understand that they are supporting a real person with a real need.  

The more of your personality and life you share with others, the more they will be able to put themselves in your shoes, find empathy for your situation, and feel compelled to take action by donating or sharing.  

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Video sparks a new view of the "why" behind fundraising.

Sharing your fundraising campaign link over and over is usually not an effective way to engage a social media community. Video solves that problem for you. 

Video gives you new and creative ways to show the “why” behind your fundraising efforts so users can connect with you on a level that goes beyond a donation page. 

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Video adds variety.

Videos are unique and creative ways to engage with either an existing audience or new people.  

When you post videos instead of just text or photos on platforms like Facebook, your followers get a chance to experience your content and your story in a new style.

You engage your existing audience with a new type of content that might interest and intrigue them.

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Video can help you reach new people.

Videos also give you an opportunity to reach a new potential audience of people who don’t already follow you on a particular platform. 

Whether you participate in a short video trend or begin capturing aspects of your life in longer videos for a public audience, the algorithm on many social platforms prioritizes videos and gets them in front of new faces.  

Your video posts can keep existing followers engaged while giving you the best possible chance to reach new audiences.

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10 Creative Ideas for Your Next Video

It can be tough to find creative ways to share your day-to-day life and story with others, especially when you’re also looking to generate support for a fundraising campaign. 

Here are 10 creative video ideas to get you started.

Idea 1: “A Day in My Life” Series

Record short clips of your daily routines and the medications, supplies, equipment, and care you rely on.

Narrate your routines to help users understand what’s happening and why it’s important to your wellbeing.  

Why It Works:

Create a deeper understanding of your daily care routines, which may be fueled by fundraising. 

Idea 2:“Behind the Scenes” Series

Record short or longer clips of a care routine that you perform daily. Explain how this procedure supports your health.  

Why It Works:

Offer a quick but meaningful look at one specific need in your life.  

Idea 3: “One Challenge” Video

Is there a challenge or obstacle you face and have to overcome regularly?

An example could be navigating an inaccessible area of your home or town, enduring lengthy travel for treatment, or maintaining a particular piece of medical equipment.

Film the process of tackling that challenge and how you overcome it. 

Why It Works:

Share daily challenges you face with a certain diagnosis or disability, which may tie into why you fundraise. 

Idea 4: “My Essentials” Series

Do you keep a hospital go-bag or a kit of essentials for medical travel? Unbox the contents of your bag or kit and explain the significance of each item. 

Why It Works:

Showcase specific medical and related essentials, some of which may be out-of-pocket costs to you. 

Idea 5: “Accidental Expert” Series

Have you become an accidental expert in a certain area of your life Transferring from a wheelchair to a van? Showering with medical equipment?

Create a helpful how-to video or series where you teach others how to become experts in this area, too. 

Why It Works:

Reveal more of the ins and outs of your daily life and care. 

Idea 6: “Dinner Dilemma” Video

Imagine someone has just invited you to a dinner party.

What are some of the unique considerations you’ll be thinking about before you decide to accept the invite?

Tell followers about it—including anything from your energy levels to your transportation to your medical equipment.  

Why It Works:

With a relatable situation, show how your life differs from someone without a certain diagnosis or disability.  

Idea 7: “Haircare or Makeup Hacks” Video

Have you had to find a unique way to complete a haircare, makeup, grooming, or nail-painting routine while living with a certain disability or diagnosis?

Show others how you pull it off. 

Why It Works:

Add some fun and light variety to your content while staying authentic. 

Idea 8: “Fashion and Function” Video

Have you found unique ways to accommodate medical gear with your wardrobe, locate accessible fashion, or brighten up the look of a hospital stay?

Show off a few of your favorite clothing pieces, fashion hacks, or hospital wardrobe essentials in a video or series.

You can keep this one light and fun. 

Why It Works:

Fashion hacks are a popular video choice, but this video puts a new spin on the concept by bringing in the impact of your diagnosis or disability. 

Idea 9: “Meet My People” Series

Who are the key members of your support community? Choose a lighthearted and consistent question to ask each of them in a short video.

For example, “If you were a kitchen utensil, which utensil would you be and why?”  

Why It Works:

An opportunity to highlight and thank your support community while keeping the content funny and fun.

Idea 10: “Fitness Focus” Series

Whether for your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual fitness, what is one routine you engage in regularly? Show how you participate in it and explain why it’s important to your wellbeing.  

Why It Works:

Shine a light on daily routines and the nourishment that supports your wellbeing—some of which may be fueled by fundraising. 

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Bonus Tips: Sharing a Fundraiser Event

If you have a fundraiser planned, whether in-person or online, you can use video to generate some excitement. 

Just keep in mind these videos may have a smaller reach than a more general or universal video using some of the topic ideas above.  

Here are three ideas:  

  1. Announce an event live. Once you have your fundraiser plans finalized, plan a quick live video where you announce the event date, all the details, and how your followers can participate.  
  2. Showcase an auction item or prize. Discuss and show off some of the features or details of the item! 
  3. Tour a fundraiser. Everyone loves to celebrate a successful fundraiser in progress. Take a quick video giving a tour of a fundraiser as it’s happening. Just be sure to get permission from anyone who appears in the video before you share it. 
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Before You Film: Video Basics

Users will lose interest and move on if they can’t grasp a video’s contents quickly.

To help avoid confusion or distraction, ask yourself these 5 questions:

Do I have good lighting?

Move around or pick a new location until you find a spot where your video looks clear and bright.  

Can I be seen clearly?

Film and re-watch a test video before you create your video to share or go live. 

Am I using the right orientation?

Film Facebook and YouTube long-form videos horizontally (landscape style).

Film TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts videos vertically (portrait style).

Is my area clean?

Neaten up your space so users can focus on the content and avoid distractions. 

How long do I want my video to be?

If you’re jumping on a video trend, shorter is better.

If you’re doing a longer informational video, how you edit the video will provide the engagement factor.

There’s no perfect one-size-fits-all length to suit video content that works for all platforms, but here are some platform limits to keep in mind: 

  • Facebook: 240 minutes max 
  • Instagram: 60 minutes max 
  • LinkedIn: 10 minutes max 
  • Twitter: 2 minutes 20 seconds max 
  • TikTok: 3 minutes max  

Let's Create!

You’re ready to get started! Remember to tag us @helphopeliveorg in your videos so we can keep up with your content. 

We can’t wait to see what you create. 

Written by Emily Progin