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Voices of Hope: Meet Lucinda

Lucinda M Tenas Montanez

“No chemo = no cure.”

Lucinda is fighting a MonSter: multiple sclerosis. In 2009, while she was studying to become a teacher, Luci went temporarily blind. She had to leave school as she faced the burden of the progressive disease, which then began to take her ability to walk without assistance or play with her three children without intense fatigue.

But she has hope: a hematopoietic stem cell transplant or HSCT treatment in 2020 could significantly impact her quality of life. The treatment is not covered by insurance, and costs are expected to top $80,000 for the transplant, travel, temporary lodging, meals, and caregiving.

“Every dollar donated will bring Lucinda one step closer to this life-changing treatment.”

Written by Emily Progin