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Our Nonprofit’s 38th Birthday Plus a HUGE Announcement About Our Admin Fee!

September 30, 2021, is Help Hope Live’s 38th birthday!

Before we explore some of our reflections about our 38th year and our hopes for the years ahead, we have a big announcement that we think you’ll be as excited about as we are… 

Our Admin Fee is Dropping from 5% to 3%

Effective October 1, 2021, our admin fee is dropping from 5% to 3% for all donations.  

Our mission is to bring fundraising assistance within reach for as many patient families as possible. Our low administrative fee helps fuel our secure and trusted one-on-one fundraising support, making our services free for families.

We hope this reduced admin fee will generate more impact with every donation while keeping our mission alive and well for many years and decades to come. Which brings up a good question… 

Will We Still Exist in 38 Years?

We were founded in 1983 by a pioneering transplant surgeon and his wife, a nurse, on a simple principle:

No patient or family facing a medical crisis should ever have to feel alone and overwhelmed with debt.

Thirty-eight years later, we still believe in that mission. It’s a part of every decision we make, every dollar we manage, and every goal we set, reaching across every conversation and every client campaign. 

Our dream is a world that doesn’t need Help Hope Live, one in which our health care and insurance systems provide a comprehensive safety net for every patient and keeps financial toxicity out of our communities.  

Until that dream becomes a reality, and until every individual has the care and equipment that they need to heal, live, and thrive over the long-term, our nonprofit will continue to exist—because we have to. 

As we transition into our 39th year, we have a lot of milestones to acknowledge.  

Within the last year alone, we:

  • Welcomed 386 clients into the Help Hope Live network
  • Processed $7.4 million in donations
  • Fulfilled 3,800 fund requests to support client medical needs, totaling $4.7 million and impacting more than 850 clients
  • Surpassed $158 million in fundraising support for families since our founding

With all these milestones in mind, we believe that we can do even more to support our clients and their communities. 

That’s why we’d like to renew our pledge to you as a client, team member, ambassador, donor, or supporter of any kind.

Our Pledge to You

-To offer every client one-on-one support from a place of understanding and care.  

-To refuse to allow the pandemic or any other global events, concerns, or disruptions stand in the way of fulfilling our mission and supporting our clients. 

-To seize every opportunity to improve our services and expand our mission, from lowering our admin fee to improving the usability of our website to expanding our fundraising guides and resources.  

-To renew our commitment to transparency, accountability, and security.  

-To operate with an evident and consistent belief in the value and importance of justice, diversity, tolerance, compassion, and understanding. 

-To expand our resources, from educational Hope Talks and comprehensive Resource Directories to partner discounts and beyond. 

-To defend our status as a top-rated 501(c)(3) nonprofit with an exemplary 4-star Charity Navigator rating, respecting the trust that you and your community place in our mission.  

-To bring medical fundraising within reach that is tax deductible, trustworthy, verified, effective, and personal. 

You Are Hope’s Present and Future

No matter what you’ve done over the past year to support our mission, from opening a campaign to donating to sharing our mission to holding a fundraiser, you are the reason our nonprofit is still here.  

On our 38th birthday, we blow out our digital candles in gratitude to all you have done for us—and all that we hope we can still do to care for you, your community, and the people you love.   

The future of hope is bright.  

Written by Emily Progin