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A Bike for Christmas for 17-Year-Old Josh

Teenager Joshua Johnson smiles and squints as he sits on his orange three-wheel adaptive bike. He is Asian with dark hair and a Philadelphia Flyers orange, black, and white jersey. He is surrounded by Kelly Green of Help Hope Live, Brad Marsh of the Flyers Alumni, and friends and family of various ages plus a gray-brown dog. They are in a driveway with a car, a giant inflatable reindeer, a lawn, and a black empty power chair visible behind them.

“Joshua was overjoyed…his family loves this bike.”

Just in time for the holidays, we partnered with the Flyers Alumni Association once again this month to gift a customized adaptive bike to Flyers superfan Joshua Johnson, a 17-year-old living with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Josh is no stranger to incorporating tools and technology to stay active: he uses a power chair and an adaptive speech device, and he prizes his independence.

“Josh was able to use his new bike immediately.”

Adaptive bikes like Josh’s new Flyers-themed ride from Freedom Concepts can truly make a difference in a kid or teen’s life, enabling more time outdoors and in the community and regular physical activity to improve mobility. However, they are frequently not viewed as a medical tool by insurance, leaving families with out-of-pocket expenses of thousands of dollars.

That’s why we’re delighted and thankful to be able to join with the Flyers Alumni for this special gift for Josh and his family. He loves being around kids his age and engaging with his community – both within closer reach than ever thanks to his new ride.

Josh is not only a Flyers fan but also a member of the Flyers PowerPlay power chair hockey program. As the Alumni put it:

“Josh and the Johnsons are extended members of the Flyers/Flyers Alumni family.”

In a portrait, teenager Joshua Johnson is Asian with dark eyes, black short hair, and a big toothy smile as he sits in a black power chair.

While this bike will unlock a new level of mobility and enjoyment for Josh while he reps his favorite team, he and his family will continue to fundraise with Help Hope Live for a critical out-of-pocket need.

Josh’s family vehicle is no longer safe to use, and without a replacement vehicle that can transport his power chair, he’ll be stuck at home without access to hockey, youth groups, and other community events.

That’s why they’ve partnered with us for trusted medical fundraising backed by one-on-one support.

Written by Emily Progin