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Heart transplant recipient honors her donor ‘by living the best possible life I can’

Help Hope Live in the News

Linda Jara

Two photos of Help Hope Live client ambassador and heart transplant recipient Linda Jara. In the first photo, Linda wears heart disease awareness red and a heart-shaped necklace and smiles. She has light skin, green eyes, and short brown hair. In the second photo she is hospitalized with tubes protruding from her neck and a hospital gown.

“I hope to honor my donor by living the best possible life I can.”

The American Heart Association recently interviewed Help Hope Live client and ambassador Linda Jara, who received a heart transplant six years ago and continues to navigate the medical, emotional, and financial complexities of life after transplant.

That journey includes ongoing fundraising efforts with Help Hope Live to help with the extensive medical and related expenses that insurance doesn’t fully cover after a heart transplant.

Linda uses her time and talent to spread advocacy and awareness, including sharing our trusted medical fundraising mission with other transplant patients and families who might need our assistance.

“Having a new heart and taking care of a new heart is a reminder you can’t take your heart for granted.”

Written by Emily Progin