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Local girl raises funds for service dog

Aislyn G Moss

Teenager Aislyn Moss holds a small terrier up to her cheek and smiles. She has light skin, black-framed glasses, gold eyeliner, a gray beanie, a black t-shirt with full-length mesh sleeves, and some rainbow beaded bracelets.

The family of 16-year-old Aislyn Moss has turned to Help Hope Live for trusted medical fundraising as they work to bring a service dog within reach for the teen.

Living with complex physical and mental health challenges, Aislyn will navigate her daily life more safely and comfortably with a well-trained service dog by her side. Though a service dog can be life-saving for individuals like Aislyn, even providing critical mental health alerts to her loved ones, the cost is not covered by insurance.

Local businesses and online fundraisers are helping Aislyn and family reach their initial fundraising goal of $17,000.

Written by Emily Progin