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April 2024 Transplants in Our Community

Four Help Hope Live clients who received a transplant in April 2024. The first is Leisa Smith, who is seated in a car and has light skin, glasses, and curly shoulder-length brown hair. The second is Brittany Schwartz, in a formal portrait with a young girl kissing her on the cheek - Brittany has light skin, brown hair, and a black dress with black lace short sleeves. The third is Stacey McMillion, pictured in the hospital holding a chocolate cake with green accents that reads happy birthday Stacey - she has light skin and short curly gray hair and an American flag navy t-shirt. The fourth is Nangelis Rivera, a young woman with light brown skin, red lipstick, and curly brown hair past her shoulders.


Stacey McMillion

Leisa Smith


kidney & liver

Brittany Schwartz



Nangelis Rivera


double lung

Garry Janoski

Text reads Touched by Transplant within a blue circle on a bright orange background with a blooming vine decorative design in teal, yellow, and light green.

Your Help - Their Hope

Thousands of transplant patients and their families turn to Help Hope Live to bring the gift of life within reach through community-based fundraising.

We believe finances should never stand in the way of a life-changing transplant.

That’s why we’ve spent more than four decades partnering with these patients to fundraise for critical out-of-pocket transplant expenses.

Our one-on-one fundraising support is only possible because of you.

Please consider making a donation – it could save a life.

Written by Emily Progin