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April Is Donate Life Month – Touched by Transplant

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April is Donate Life Month, a time to come together to celebrate the incredible impact of the gift of life through transplantation.

At Help Hope Live, we provide trusted medical fundraising to thousands of transplant patients and their communities of support. That’s why April is one of our favorite months of the year.

Learn why and how we celebrate Donate Life Month in this blog post, and discover our Touched by Transplant series of interviews with transplant recipients, transplant candidates, medical professionals, living donors, and caregivers.

What Is Donate Life Month?

Established by Donate Life America, Donate Life Month is an annual awareness month that takes place in April.

Donate Life Month celebrates the impact of the gift of life and raises awareness about transplants, organ donation, and living donation.

Donate Life Month has several important goals, including:

Celebrating second chances and new horizons made possible through the gift of life with transplants

Honoring living organ donors and deceased organ donors and their families

Encouraging people to register as organ donors or consider becoming a living organ donor

Recognizing the medical professionals who make transplants possible and support patients

Thanking transplant caregivers and communities of support as they help fuel and even fund the gift of new life through transplants

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Donate Life Month 2024 Theme

Each year, Donate Life America chooses a symbolic theme for Donate Life Month.

The Donate Life Month 2024 theme is “Donors are Superstars.”

The theme represents that with the new hope provided by transplants, “even in the darkest night, there is light.”

Through imagery of stars and stargazing, Donate Life Month celebrates the fact that organ donors are “superstars” who shine the light of hope.

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How We Celebrate Donate Life Month

For our medical fundraising nonprofit, there are two important goals every April during Donate Life Month: to share firsthand perspectives on the transplant journey from our client community, and to raise awareness about the out of-pocket costs associated with a transplant.

Our annual Touched by Transplant blog post interview series allows us to share firsthand perspectives on the gift of life from transplant candidates, recipients, caregivers, and community members.

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Statistics on Transplants for 2024

“During National Donate Life Month, we celebrate all the selfless organ donors across our country who have saved countless lives.”

Each year, the White House issues a proclamation on why Donate Life Month is an important national observance, including transplant statistics.

Highlights from the 2024 proclamation:

-America’s doctors have performed over 1 million transplants

-More than 100,000 people are on the waiting list, including 2,000 children

-Most individuals on the waiting list are people of color

-17 Americans die every day waiting for a transplant

-Each organ donor can save up to 8 lives and improve 75 lives

-The administration plans to change the organ transplant system and increase accountability and oversight

-The administration plans to extend Medicare coverage of kidney transplant medications

-For seniors, out-of-pocket costs for medication will be capped at $3,500 per year

You can read the 2024 proclamation on Donate Life Month here.

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The Financial Burden of Transplants

The gift of life is a source of hope and health for thousands of individuals within the Help Hope Live community who turn to us for trusted medical fundraising. Fundraising is a critical part of the transplant ecosystem for these individuals and their communities.

While life-saving, transplants can come with overwhelming out-of-pocket medical and related expenses.

Learn some of the most common expenses associated with transplants at the links below:

Transplant Costs Overview

Cost of a Bone Marrow Transplant

Cost of a Heart Transplant

Cost of a Kidney Transplant

Cost of a Liver Transplant

Cost of a Lung Transplant

Cost of a Double Lung Transplant

Cost of a Multivisceral or Multi-Organ Transplant

Cost of a Pancreas Transplant

Get Financial Relief Through Transplant Fundraising

Since 1983, Help Hope Live has been dedicated to helping transplant patients and their families to fundraise for medical and related expenses.

We provide trusted medical fundraising with one-on-one support, medical verification, tax-deductible donations, and maximum protection for state-based benefits.

Apply today to help yourself or someone you love with transplant costs:

Other Sources for Transplant Financial Help

Whether or not you decide to fundraise with Help Hope Live for transplant costs, we want you to get the resources you need.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and vetted a comprehensive Transplant Resource Directory that includes sources of support, financial aid, and more.

This Transplant Resource Directory is free to use and share:

Written by Emily Progin