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Friends and customers fundraise for Bob Haines, a restaurant-supply manager who needs a lung transplant

Robert Haines

Bob Haines and his wife, Dawn, are seated at an outdoor establishment. Bob has light skin and a bald head and wears a light pink striped shirt. Dawn has light skin and red-brown hair pulled back and wears a white lace-trimmed shirt and a black sweater.

“A good man who will always go the extra mile…”

Robert “Bob” Haines is well-known in the Philadelphia restaurant community for supplying local operations through his Restaurant Depot. In January, 57-year-old Bob was diagnosed with COVID-19. That diagnosis spiraled into an urgent need for a double lung transplant.

Bob has been forced to fundraise just to join the transplant waiting list. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

That could cost $11,000 to $15,000 a year out of pocket.

That’s why Bob and his community have turned to Help Hope Live for trusted transplant fundraising.

Written by Emily Progin