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John Drake was diagnosed in 2007 with renal failure with an unknown cause at that time. He was only 21 years old with what he thought his whole life ahead of him. He has strived to take care of himself the best he could but struggled to keep medical insurance which kept him from gaining access to the transplant list. In 2015 he was able to secure medical insurance through his IT job at the time and started to work on getting himself onto the transplant list. He was officially placed on the transplant list in 2018, however, living donors where also being screened and tested as he reached out to his friends and family to donate. Once all living donors except his wife were exhausted she started the living donor process. She completed the process about a month ago in Sept of 2020 and a match was found at the beginning of Oct 2020. She was matched through the paired donation program and surgery is scheduled for Oct 16, 2020.

By partnering with Help Hope Live allows us to raise money to help with our living expenses while we both undergo surgery, pay for out of pocket surgery expenses, medications, lodging while John has to stay local in Salt Lake City for a month or two and lost wages.

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October 22, 2020

So glad to hear the surgeries went well! Hoping for a smooth recovery :)

Shannon Moskitis

October 18, 2020

Best wishes for amazing recoveries from your surgeries. What a courageous and selfless thing you have chosen to do for John, Andrea! Blessings and long life to you both!

Donna Fanshaw

October 16, 2020

See you guys at bowling again soon! Love and support from the Pin Glizzies. Hang in there. You’ll get through this!

Michael West

October 12, 2020

Good luck to both of you during this process! It is wonderful to see this working out for you. My hope is that this is successful... and that you both live to be an old couple sitting in rocking chairs on a front porch somewhere. :-) Thinking about you both.

Susan Martinelli