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David Jeffers was injured on August 1, 2011.

While on vacation with his family at the beach he was struck by a wave, with such force, that he broke two vertebrae (C5 and C6) as well as fractured C4. Because of these injuries, his spinal cord was bruised. He realized immediately that something serious had happened but was unable to move and could not get himself out of the ocean. Fortunately his wife and nephew noticed he wasn’t moving and pulled him to safety. He was operated on in Wilmington and then transferred to CMC in Charlotte. He and his family later decided to transfer him to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where he completed 4 months of rehabilitation.

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October 5, 2023

Unfortunately, I totaled my wheelchair accessible van, and cannot afford a new one. This van was my freedom and opportunity to support my family. Please help if you can. See the full story below.


DWYCK IS DEAD: my 2007 Buick Terraza wheelchair accessible van, better known as DWYCK is dead! Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, I got into an accident and totaled it.

I nicknamed the van DWYCK, not just because it sounds cool, but it comes from one of my favorite hip-hop songs back in the day. This song was by Gang Starr and Nice & Smooth. Overtime the song name DWYCK, evolved into the acronym, Do What You Can Kid. This slogan was so fitting for me after my accident (I broke my neck in 2012) because as a part of acceptance and survival, really all I can do is what I can (also because I’m so hip-hop).

As a husband and a father, one of the things I can do is be responsible for getting the kids back-and-forth to school, doctors, appointments, practices, etc. Losing this ability is a great burden on myself and my family. I am grateful to have family and friends that are so supportive, who have stepped up to help us with the kids the past few weeks, but it’s still been tough.

I desperately, need to get some new wheels so that I can get back to doing my part and so I don’t go crazy being locked down in the house. One of the biggest barriers to getting a new vehicle is that they are so expensive. With all the modifications, I need to drive a good reliable used vehicle or new vehicle ranges from 75K to 120 K, putting the monthly payment around a house note at $1500.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I’ve never been a fan of asking for donations, but if you would like to support the cause for a new vehicle, you can donate to my fund via help hope live. The link is in the bio. It’s a nonprofit organization, that helps raise funds for people with catastrophic injuries, such as myself. It’s like a GoFundMe for medical needs, that takes much less money than a GoFundMe, and ensures that it goes for only those appropriate expenses.

As always myself and my family greatly appreciate your love and support.

November 24, 2019

We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary! I was injured about 4 years into our marriage and I’m happy to say we’ve done more than survive, we are having our best marriage/life in spite of it all. Check out the sweet video my wife made for me.

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December 9, 2023

All the best!

Luby Gao

December 1, 2023

David, I hope that you're back on the road soon!

Jason Hickey

December 1, 2023

Go man!!

Carlos Alegria