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Molly Robson Keegan and her three children were involved in a car accident in July 2013 on the eastern shore of Maryland. All 4 were medevaced to shock trauma units in Baltimore. Miraculously, her 3 children were unharmed and discharged later that day. Molly, however, suffered catastrophic damage to her spinal cord when the car rolled and the roof collapsed. After four months of time in the ICU and rehab facilities, Molly returned home as a quadriplegic.

The *out-of-pocket* costs associated with caring for someone in Molly’s situation run ~$100k annually. For this reason we are continuously fundraising on her behalf.

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December 30, 2015

Hi happy holidays! Hope you feel better. We are friends of Andrew. Love Danya and Evie Herman (7)

The Herman Family

December 9, 2015

Dear Molly, Anne sent us the latest update on your progress. You and your family are so special. We hope our small contribution helps and that you know that many think of you and wish for your continued rehabilitation. Merry Christmas and Love from,

Denise and Jerry Klos

November 12, 2014

Molly and Brendan, Thank you both so very much for the selfless acts of love and kindness you have shown to others over the years. We pray for your wellness and continued healing, joy and light throughout your shared journey. God bless and keep both of you and your beautiful family!

Bart and Sherry Chilton

November 12, 2014

Hi Molly, Jeff and I loved having you and Kate visit with all the children last week. (it was hard to tell which were the cousins and which were brother and sister- they are so much fun!)

Marci and Jeff