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Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you know our Dad, Rickey Powell. He is a wonderful father and good friend to many. He has been a resident of Birmingham for most of his life. He is very active in his church and is always helping others. Our Dad loves teaching and entertaining. However, due to his poor health, he is no longer able to work or do many of the things he always enjoyed.


August 9, 2012

Rickie, you are so deserving of all of our resources to help to make this happen!! You continue to be an inspiration to all who are blessed to know you and who are blessed by your ever-endearing friendship. Sending in my donation, now. Sending my prayers and love, always.

Lynne Mayo, Chicago

April 10, 2012

Rickey, we are going to make this happen!

Adrienne in Birmingham

February 19, 2012

I'm in ya corner, bro!!!

Robb ~ Birmingham, AL