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Dear Family and Friends,

As a result of a congenital birth defect, I have had life-long medical problems with my kidneys. After successfully being treated for colon cancer in 2008, I developed end-stage renal failure and needed ohemo-dialysis from 2008 until December 30, 2016. Then i received a kidney. This funding helps me maintain my precious gift of life. Medicine to prevent reqection is inexpensive. I am so greatful and Blessed to have friends who care and want to help me live a healthy life.
I am not well enough to work, but i do love helping with the grandkids. I attend their concerts. I am a Girl Scout volunteer. I watch my 2 urar old grand daughter once a week. Well i am sort of a taxi as i get them to and from school. This is a great joy for me. I get to hear about their day.


August 25, 2019

Thank you for you love and support. I am hopeful and looking foward to enjoying these grand babies. You will never know how much hope ot give me to know you care enough to donate or share this page. I am a lucky girl.

LaDonna Weatherford

August 23, 2019

Dear LaDonna, You are always there for everyone. Max and I would like to help lighten your load as much as we can. Love, Paula and Max

Paula & Maxwell Beaver

February 26, 2019

Is it okay to share this with others?

Donna Windsor

January 17, 2018

This is LaDonna, i was Blessed to receive a kidney on December 30 2016. I pray you all receive this gift. Now i must care for this gift of life that i waited 9 1/2 years for. I have many co-pays and several medicines. God Bless and keep you.

LaDonna Weatherford