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Local Teacher Courageously Battles Multiple Illnesses:

Steve Davey is a seventy two-year-old married father of two grown sons. He and his wife, Becky have two grandsons. At a time of his life when he should be thinking about enjoying retirement and looking forward to spending quality time with his family, Davey is fighting several life-threatening illnesses.

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September 11, 2023

Since this disease is a progressive one and there is no cure or possible relief other than a transplant, my body continues to go through and experience heart issues. In 2022 I had to have another artery stent placed as a result of having another Heart Attach. My heart issues are a direct result of my liver disease and it's failure to cleanse the impurities in my blood. I've had to add new blood thinners to help do what my liver is failing to do.

There is one truth that will always be truth, GOD IS GOOD! and I still need your support and prayers. I know that I am just one of many who need your help, but I can't make it without your support! And that is why I am asking for your financial help. Please remember that every gift you make to Helphopelive. org in my name: STEVE DAVEY, listed in the Liver transplant section, is a tax deductible gift. I would also appreciate a kind note of encouragement for me and my family.


April 6, 2022

I thought you'd like to know what is new with my illness and physical person. In September of last year, '21', I had a second heart attach. In February of this year, '22' I went to Mayo Clinic for follow up procedures and the great team at Mayo discovered that I had a ulcer at the end of my esophagus and they also found a 2cm mass on my liver bile duct that they are going to be doing a MRI in May to see what is the prognosis and how they are going to deal with it. I must say that God is so good and has always cared for both me and my wife through so many complicated issues.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


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June 1, 2024

Love you Uncle Mike!

Kelly Hale

June 1, 2024

So incredibly thankful that you are not only my uncle but have become my friend! I love our convos about the Lord. And keep you in my prayers all the time! Love you bunch Uncle Mike ;) May God continue to bless you!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Kelly Williams Hale

August 12, 2022

Mr Davey was my public speaking teacher back in 2009. I don’t know if he remembers me as I only had his class for a semester, but he was the kindest teacher and person in general I have ever met. I must have gone up to that school 20 times since graduating hoping to catch him but he was always dealing with and beating something. He wanted us to care for each other and have confidence. He was more than a teacher. If you watched Boy Meets World and said “I wish I had a Mr Feeny” I did. I just wish as a student I wasn’t so preoccupied with high school things or I would have taken the opportunity to ask him for advice. What I would do to be able to talk to him. I love you Mr Davey and hope you remember me.(briefcase man)

Jonathan Esser