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Cincinnati woman finds kidney donor in Pittsburgh after year of searching

Keli J Thorn

Aaron Thorn stood on a street corner with a simple sign: “Need Kidney 4 My Wife.” His incredible gesture went viral. Now, Aaron and Keli Thorn have new hope for the future thanks to Cheyenne Frapier, a woman in Pittsburgh who will donate her kidney to save Keli’s life on February 2.

In October, the Thorns received a life-changing call to tell them a potential living kidney donor had stepped forward. Cheyenne saw Aaron and Keli’s story on the news. Immediately, she felt compelled to get involved, so she reached out to Keli’s local hospital to learn about the process of becoming a donor.

Cheyenne felt that saving Keli’s life with a kidney donation would be a fitting tribute to her loving parents, who had passed away—a way to give back.

The Thorns are fundraising with Help Hope Live for transplant-related expenses.

Written by Emily Progin