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With Our COVID-19 Relief Fund, Hope is Not Cancelled

COVID-19 cancelled almost everything, but it did not cancel our clients’ needs. As we continue to grapple with the widespread effects of this crisis, our focus is supporting their health and recovery goals and keeping hope alive.

Our clients are facing unique challenges:

  • Transplants are being delayed or put on hold.
  • There is a shortage of home care- and community-based services.
  • Annual fundraisers are being cancelled or postponed.
  • Donations are down by 55%.
  • Our clients are experiencing longer waits for care while living with less support.

They are also rising to the occasion – and they inspire us to do the same, every day. 

After all, hope is not cancelled.

Valentin Cabrera received a double lung transplant on March 13. Watch him dancing to his recovery during quarantine:

Visit Valentin’s Campaign Page here!

Visit Dani’s Blog here!

Visit Kormasa’s Campaign Page here!

Our clients are some of the most resilient people we know. We are committed to strengthening our support to protect their hope that COVID-19 is just another obstacle they will overcome with our help.


Here’s how we’re stepping up:

  • Doubling our coverage of emergency living assistance for things like mortgage, rent, and utilities
  • Waiving processing fees for eCheck donations so clients can access seamless community support
  • Helping clients transition cancelled events to virtual fundraisers
  • Connecting clients with critical COVID-19 resources
  • Expanding our support to include fundraising campaigns for COVID-19 survivors

Our expert fundraising guidance and compassionate support are needed now more than ever – so is your support of our program!

Here’s how you can help:

Before this crisis is over we are projecting a loss of $1.6 million in donations. In response to this staggering number, we established the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Fastest way to make an impact:

If every donor like you gives just $100 of hope, we will instantly be able to support the unprecedented needs our community is facing right now.

Other ways to help:

We know this pandemic is affecting everyone differently. We also know that the desire to pitch in and help members of our community in times of crisis is a widespread and uniquely American characteristic. If you’re in a position to strengthen our community, we would be so grateful for your support.

Our clients are still fighting.
Our cause is still critical.
You are the reason why our hope is not cancelled.

Thank you for all the ways you help hope live, even in times of crisis.

PS: Get the max deduction for your gift! The passing of the CARES Act in March 2020 applies a temporary universal charitable deduction for all taxpayers of up to $300.

Written by Emily Progin