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Double amputee father fights to keep Colorado home

Michael Bechaver

Michael Bechaver

47-year-old father Michael Bechaver is receiving a financial and emotional lifeline from his community. He is continuing to recover and forge his way forward after a double amputation caused by a car accident and exacerbated by infections.

Michael and his family have remained in their home for the past 43 years. Today, that home is in jeopardy due to the challenges of maintaining the property and keeping it accessible for Michael as his mobility needs have changed.

Loved ones and neighbors have come together to provide hope in multiple ways, including volunteering to help fix up his home and make it accessible, providing meals and direct relief to his family, and donating to his medical fundraising campaign with Help Hope Live.

“It has been amazing to see it come together in less than a week…people are still volunteering and coming and bringing food.”

Double amputee Michael Bechaver in his power chair with his wife standing beside him in a floral print sundress in the middle of their home. Written by Emily Progin