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Monday, July 08, 2024

A Bike for Sabina

12-year-old Sabina Heim in a therapy harness. She has light skin, glasses, and blonde hair.

On Monday, July 8, the Flyers Alumni Association will partner up with Help Hope Live to gift a customized adaptive bike to a local child with disabilities through our Every Child Deserves a Bike partnership.

12-year-old Sabina Heim is living with a congenital disorder that impacts her mobility. She uses a wheelchair and posterior walker, and she participates in weekly therapy sessions to help maintain her health.

As Sabina’s mother Michelle Heim explained, an adaptive bike would allow her to not just access fresh air and childhood joy but also provide therapeutic benefits:

“Sabina looks forward to her therapy sessions when she can use an adaptive bike.”

Customized bikes can be life-changing, but they are often financially out of reach for families. That’s why we love partnering with the Flyers Alumni Association to help bring these special gifts to local families.

“It will improve her quality of life more than we could say.”

12-year-old Sabina Heim has light skin, glasses, and blonde hair.