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“Thank you for your help during this difficult process. I’m so grateful for you and this organization.”

Tamara Mathias, a part of the Mid-Atlantic Transplant Fund

“Without Help Hope Live, I wouldn’t be experiencing the privileges and comfort that I have today.”

Daniela Izzie, a part of the South-Atlantic Catastrophic Injury Fund

“Friends were able to contact Help Hope Live directly to set up fundraisers to help me, even without my involvement.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I love that funds donated are tax deductible. I was able to help cover the expenses of my living donor.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I was able to raise over $36,000 to help with medical expenses, lodging during recovery, and a full-time caretaker. It let me focus on recovery.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I had to raise $12,000 to be listed for transplant. To date, I have raised over $19,000. I look forward to continuing to support and raise funds for this amazing organization.”

Melissa Tuff, a part of the Southeast Transplant Fund

“Thank you to Help Hope Live for helping me get my new van! I couldn't have done it without you.”

Patrick Ivison, a part of the Southwest Catastrophic Injury Fund

“We wish all our patients would start a Help Hope Live fundraising campaign. You guys are so wonderful to work with.”

Transplant Social Worker

“Help Hope Live has done for us just what the name implies. We salute you all and will be your advocates forever.”

Family of James Micki West, a part of the South-Atlantic Catastrophic Illness Fund

“I am really grateful that there is an organization that helps people with major medical expenses that come with a transplant...the medical costs are ongoing.”

Judy S Hitchcock, a part of the South-Central Transplant Fund