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“We are so grateful for what your organization does and so blessed that our family can be a part of this community.”

-Family of Ernest Patti

“It was your organization that helped us when we needed it and for that I am forever grateful.”

-Anonymous Donor

“Thank you for your help during this difficult process. I’m so grateful for you and this organization.”

Tamara Mathias, a part of the Mid-Atlantic Transplant Fund

“Without Help Hope Live, I wouldn’t be experiencing the privileges and comfort that I have today.”

Daniela Izzie, a part of the South-Atlantic Catastrophic Injury Fund

“Friends were able to contact Help Hope Live directly to set up fundraisers to help me, even without my involvement.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I love that funds donated are tax deductible. I was able to help cover the expenses of my living donor.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I was able to raise over $36,000 to help with medical expenses, lodging during recovery, and a full-time caretaker. It let me focus on recovery.”

-2020 Client Survey

“I had to raise $12,000 to be listed for transplant. To date, I have raised over $19,000. I look forward to continuing to support and raise funds for this amazing organization.”

Melissa Tuff, a part of the Southeast Transplant Fund

“Thank you to Help Hope Live for helping me get my new van! I couldn't have done it without you.”

Patrick Ivison, a part of the Southwest Catastrophic Injury Fund

“We wish all our patients would start a Help Hope Live fundraising campaign. You guys are so wonderful to work with.”

Transplant Social Worker