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Meet a quadriplegic mom raising twins

Daniela Izzie

Quadriplegic mom Daniela Izzie with one of her twin daughters who is brushing her teeth at the sink. Dani has light skin and brown straight hair past her shoulders. Her daughter has light skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair.

“I’m in a ‘broken’ body, but it’s not broken. It is strong. To have my body do something right – it was very empowering.”

Living with lower and upper limb paralysis following a spinal cord injury, Dani Izzie is a Help Hope Live client Ambassador raising twins girls Lavinia and Giorgiana with her husband, Rudy.

Four ways to get on Dani’s good side:

-Instead of focusing on limitations, recognize the strength, capability, and agency that Dani and her body live out every day.

-Normalize parenting with a disability.

-Get to know the documentary Dani’s Twins! To hear more perspectives and insights from Dani about disabled parenting and pregnancy, check out our Hope Talks.

-Stop calling her an inspiration when she’s just grocery shopping.

“We’re just two normal people raising twins.”

In the hospital after giving birth, Daniela Izzie is seated in her black power chair with a hospital gown and mask holding her newborn twin daughters. Dani has light skin and straight brown hair. Written by Emily Progin