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Mesa mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This carnival fundraiser will help pay for treatment

Erin Victoria Merkley

Erin Merkley with her husband Michael and three children, ranging in age from 1 to 9 years old. Erin has light skin, sandy brown hair past her shoulders, and a homemade snowman face ball cap hat. Her husband has light skin and blue eyes and wears a textured pink floppy hat. He holds their youngest son who has light skin and short brown hair. One daughter is with Rrin with dark near-black straight hair and bangs. Behind her, eldest daughter has light skin, blonde hair past her shoulders, and black rimmed glasses.

A “Cancer Payback Carnival” and Halloween family fun festival is the latest fundraiser to rally the community of Erin Merkley, a mother of three living with aggressive stage 2B breast cancer that has metastasized.

Erin is fundraising with Help Hope Live for a carefully selected pain-free, less-invasive treatment plan that fits her goals for the future. The treatment is not covered by insurance, leaving Erin and her family with a substantial financial burden.

The community has already raised $13,500 in Erin’s honor.

Written by Emily Progin