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New Hope Talk: “Why Are You Still Fundraising After Transplant?”

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New Hope Talk!

Fundraising post-transplant can be challenging because it’s not widely known how expensive antirejection medications, follow-up visits, and preventative care can be.

Struggling to explain to your community why you still need to fundraise after a transplant? You’re not alone!

Join us on Thursday, May 16 at 3 p.m. ET for a conversation with three client Ambassadors: heart transplant recipient Linda Jara, heart transplant recipient Pat McEntee, and double lung transplant recipient Rachelle Ledbetter, joined by Client Services Coordinator Melanie Johnson.

All three Ambassadors will share their experiences fundraising pre-transplant and post-transplant, while Melanie will provide insights on how she has assisted her clients with fundraising during all phases of transplant.

Written by Emily Progin