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Utah special ed teacher says she needs $30K to keep teaching in the fall

As multiple stations reported this weekend, special education teacher Ravien Parsons is asking for help and hope from the community as she fundraises for the cost of an accessible van. Beyond increasing her mobility and independence, the van will serve the critical function of enabling this beloved teacher to return to work.

Her first two fundraising events, massive community yard sales, are helping Ravien to reach her $30,000 initial fundraising goal.

“We received so many donated items that we’ve filled an entire storage unit. People have been so generous with their donations.”

Ravien was diagnosed with the rare disease Stiff Person Syndrome in March and has struggled with limited mobility and the need for an electric wheelchair ever since. Her school has shown its heartfelt support for her journey and her fundraising need. Said principal Diana Brantley (pictured below quote):

“You know good and well that Ravien’s doing everything she possibly can to keep her independence and to not be a burden on anybody. So if she beats up my walls and scratches my elevator, I’m just going to laugh. I’m happy it’s my walls that are being dented. I’m happy it’s my elevator that’s being scratched. I’m proud that that’s my teacher. I’m glad she’s with me.”

Written by Emily Progin