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Engaging the Gaming Community at RGB LAN

Vanessa Nichols, a Help Hope Live team member, is seated at a Help Hope Live table at the RGB LAN 6 gaming event surrounded by gamers. She has brown skin, red dyed dreadlocks, and a color-blocked pink turtleneck dress in light and dark pink.

We were thrilled to hear that Help Hope Live would once again be one of three charity beneficiaries in the Greater Philadelphia area for the annual in-person bring-your-own-computer gaming event RGB LAN.

The event raised over $11,000 for charity!

For three days, gamers came together to compete and play for a cause. Each attendee got to choose a color team that matched their charity of choice and earn points towards that charity’s final total from RGB LAN. Green Team pride!!

The RGB LAN team invited us to visit the LAN party event in-person to meet attendees and share how Help Hope Live’s mission impacts lives.

Vanessa Nichols of Help Hope Live with her partner is meeting Chris Carlin or ClemClementine at the RGB LAN 6 charity gaming event. Vanessa is seated at a

One big boost to this year’s charity total: a generous matching donation from an individual in each of the three charities’ support communities.

The matching donor for Green Team pledged $1,000 and challenged RGB LAN gamers to match it during the event. They reached and exceeded that goal!

We are so grateful to the Help Hope Live donor who made this extra incentive possible!

In a photo taken from behind charity rep Vanessa's head as she is seated at a table, six excited gamers grin as they learn about Help Hope Live at the charity table of RGB LAN 6. They are various ages and genders. Vanessa's long dreadlocks are visible and her partner's brown skin and short curly black hair and black face mask.

Vanessa Nichols, Philadelphia Outreach Coordinator at Help Hope Live, stopped by to engage the hard-working Green Team and the rest of the RGB LAN 6 event attendees.

One attendee commented that they were so inspired by Help Hope Live’s mission and Vanessa’s energy that they plan to join our Green Team at RGB LAN in the future.

Thank you to the RGB LAN community for raising funds and hope!

An RGB LAN 6 attendee makes a heart with her hands crossed at the wrists over her heart, replicating the Help Hope Live logo pledge figure. She has light skin, dark eyes, long pink-dyed hair, and a hoodie with the D.VA suit logo from Overwatch. An RGB LAN 6 gaming event attendee takes a selfie in a Facebook post with Vanessa Nichols, a Help Hope Live team member, seated at a Help Hope Live table behind him surrounded by other gamers. The selfie-taker has light skin, a red-brown beard, light eyes, and glasses. Vanessa has brown skin, red dyed dreadlocks, and a color-blocked pink turtleneck dress in light and dark pink. She wears a black face mask and has brown eyes. The Facebook post is by Bearman and Friends and reads Written by Emily Progin