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Lynchburg man and living donor wife need your help during medical crisis

Roger T Rudder

Liver transplant recipient Roger Rudder sits beside his wife, Alana, who was his living liver donor in 2017. Both are smiling.

In 2017, Alana saved her husband’s life by becoming a living liver donor. Today, Roger is experiencing unexpected post-transplant complications – and the associated burden of countless out-of-pocket medical costs.

“Every essential cost in our lives is currently in jeopardy of not being paid, from electricity and water to our mortgage, food, gas, and essential medical bills.”

Alana and Roger have been fundraising with Help Hope Live for years. Now, their campaign is more critical than ever to lift an overwhelming burden. Says Alana:

“Donations have already made it possible for me to stay at the hospital with my husband and travel back to our home,”

Written by Emily Progin