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The Wheelmen celebrate the history of the bicycle in style

Bill Soloway

Bill Soloway is interviewed by 6ABC as the caption of the NJ and PA chapters of the Wheelmen with two big-wheel antique bicycles behind him in a public park. Bill wears old-fashioned dress with a buttoned shirt, a tie, suspenders, and black pants to the knee. He has light skin, gray hair, and glasses.

“Every time we ride, it draws a crowd and brings a smile to their faces.”

If you know Help Hope Live, you know Bill Soloway, grateful heart transplant recipient and one of our dedicated client Ambassadors.

We’re always excited to see Bill’s name in the news for his community engagement and charity support – not to mention his unusual and eye-catching hobby: riding antique “big wheel” bicycles as the Captain of the PA and NJ chapters of The Wheelmen.

Bill Soloway rides a big-wheel bicycle down a tree-lined paved road. He has light skin, glasses, an old-fashioned cap, a button-up shirt and tie, and capri-length navy old-fashioned pants. A caption reads The Wheelmen is an antique bicycle club with hundreds of members across the country.

They bring smiles to faces across the Northeast while celebrating the history of antique bikes, including their surprising ties to Philly and feminism.

“It’s fun to keep this living history museum, this heritage alive.”

Antique bike riders on parade on a paved tree-lined road on a beautiful spring day. They wear old-fashioned garb like capri-length pants and caps and ride various antique bikes, including some seated bikes and some big-wheel bikes. Written by Emily Progin