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Transplants for Help Hope Live Clients in January 2024

Four Help Hope Live clients who received a transplant in January 2024. Clockwise from top left, James has light skin, a short gray beard, a black professional beret, and a navy collared shirt with a Green Bay Packers lanyard. Ajulo lies in a hospital bed with a gown and blue hairnet—she has a big smile and has brown skin. Jessica has a serious expression at an event with magenta-tinted lighting. She has light brown skin, dark eyes, and shoulder-length straight dark hair. Geren is seated in a wheelchair with his wife behind him in a wintery scene with holiday lights visible behind them. He has light skin, gray hair and a gray beard, and glasses, and his wife has light skin, glasses, and short gray hair—they are both in winter coats.

double lung

Terrance Salter



Jessica Davis



Geren Manley

James Slusarzyk

Ajulo Ochala

Text reads Touched by Transplant within a blue circle on a bright orange background with a blooming vine decorative design in teal, yellow, and light green.

Their Hope, Your Help

As families embrace and celebrate the gift of new life through a transplant, they must also prepare for the financial demands of keeping their gift healthy and their health strong.

No transplant recipient should have to face these financial challenges alone.

That’s why we provide a way for transplant candidates and recipients to rally their communities through online and in-person fundraising, supported by our one-on-one fundraising help for a lifetime of need.

Community-based fundraising with Help Hope Live is a key ingredient to fund relief for transplant expenses, post-transplant care, and so many other critical costs that help transplant patients to heal, live, and thrive.

Your donations make our work possible. Thank you!

Written by Emily Progin