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13 Transplants for Our Clients in October

Four October transplant recipients in the Help Hope Live network. Clockwise from top left, the first photo is a woman with brown skin and braided black hair and glasses smiling next to a woman with dark brown skin. The second photo is a woman in a hospital gown walking down a hospital corridor with light brown skin, dark hair, and glasses. The third is a woman with light brown skin in a bright magenta t-shirt sitting in a hospital bed hooked up to several medical devices. The final photo is a man with brown skin, a black curly beard, a blue t-shirt, and a blue ball cap seated outside.

“Thanks to the donor family. Thanks to the transplant team. Thanks to everyone for all the caring, love, and support – now comes the work of recovery.”


Antonio Isaac



Patsy LeBlanc

Richard Deming

Scott Koteles

Justine Evangelio



Eileen Harrison

Candace Mays

Scott Lee



Manoela Vieira

Rosaurys Torrez-Almonte


heart and kidney

Emily Castillo


double lung

Terry Agena

Keyiara Gilbert

Text reads Touched by Transplant within a blue circle on a bright orange background with a blooming vine decorative design in teal, yellow, and light green.

For New Life - and What Comes After

A transplant is a life-changing gift – but it’s not the end of the journey for most patients. As transplant recipients strive to nourish, protect, and honor their gift of life over years and decades, they turn to Help Hope Live for trusted medical fundraising.

Fundraising can bring the gift of life within reach and sustain healthy recovery. Communities rally to fund critical costs ranging from medical travel and temporary relocation to anti-rejection medications, physical therapy, emergency care, and more.

We’ve been helping communities to rally around transplant families since 1983. Your donations and support make it possible.

We’re here because of you!

Written by Emily Progin