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Voices of Hope: Meet Danielle

Danielle Mauldin

“In May 2019, I was given 24 hours to live.”

26-year-old Danielle Mauldin was at the peak of her education when she found herself experiencing a medical crisis. Pursuing her second bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory sciences, Danielle landed in the ER for the third night in a row.

That’s when doctors told her that she was experiencing a rare and life-threatening blood clot that was diverting blood away from her small intestines, a condition called mesenteric ischemia. Her intestines could not be saved, and with a 24-hour survival prognosis, Danielle began the heartbreaking process of saying goodbye to her family members, boyfriend, Alejo, and friends.

After nearly ten days had passed, her astonished family wanted answers.

Danielle not only survived but also received new hope for a healthy life in the form of a small bowel transplant in her future. She was approved for the transplant on September 10 and hopes to join the waiting list soon.

She will leave her parents’ insurance in June 2020, which is why Danielle is #forcedtofundraise for a lifetime of transplant-related costs.

Before I went into surgery, a nurse looked my mother in the eyes and told her, “We will be witnesses to a miracle.”

Written by Emily Progin