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Voices of Hope: Meet Heidy

Heidy David-Robinson

“She has dedicated her career to allowing others to have a second chance at life.”

A mother of two. A loving wife. A cancer diagnosis.

Heidy was diagnosed with angiosarcoma, an extremely rare tumor with an aggressive and typically fatal prognosis.

Her condition is so rare that Heidy and her family are struggling to find qualified medical providers and cover the cost of treatment, which is often considered experimental based on the rarity of the diagnosis. Fundraising with Help Hope Live is helping Heidy and her family to cover treatment costs and enable her to focus on the “mountain in front of her” instead of the financial burden.

Heidy has a connection to our mission that goes beyond her own diagnosis: she is a lung transplant nurse practitioner.

“I cannot begin to tell you how much she has done for her patients, often without anyone ever knowing. Now, it is our time to help Heidy.”

Written by Emily Progin