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#40andforward: Our Journey Continues (Weeks 6-10)

We’re looking back at 40 of the most significant moments in Help Hope Live’s history to celebrate our nonprofit’s 40 years of trusted medical fundraising.

Join us for #40andforward – share your own Help Hope Live memory with us on social, or pledge your “$40 for 40” to support our General Operating Fund today:

If you missed any of Weeks 6-10 of our #40andforward campaign celebrating 40 key moments in Help Hope Live’s history, catch up below!

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Week 6: Living Up to Our Name

Help Hope Live 40 and Forward donate now

Two decades after we founded our nonprofit, we realized our scope and impact had far outgrown our original identity. We were no longer the heart transplant assistance organization impacting friends and neighbors in Philadelphia—our mission represented so much more.  

We recognized that our expanding impact had the potential to do something more than just assist families facing medical bills with fundraising. By pairing community support with a trusted nonprofit mission, we could unite communities, lift burdens for families, and illuminate a brighter future for patients.  

We could help hope live. 

Our new identity became a new name—one that thousands of communities and patient families rally behind today. How do you help hope live?  

Week 7: Growing Hope

A graphic reads 40 and Forward Donate Now to Connect Communities. Two Help Hope Live clients are pictured: one a father by the sea with a young child and a scar across his chest. The other is a woman giving a peace sign in a botanical garden. 

Cultivated within a small area of need to help local heart transplant candidates and communities, our mission is truly homegrown. Over the years, it was home-built, home-nourished, and home-embraced. Your donations and support have made it possible for our network of hope to expand and expand.  

Four decades later, you know us as a different kind of organization: a national nonprofit with thousands of clients located in all 50 states—and a mission that reaches even past U.S. borders to serve families in Puerto Rico.  

We don’t want to stop growing—so please keep giving. 

Week 8: Support for Catastrophic Injuries

A graphic reads 40 and Forward: Donate Now to Move Us Forward. Images depict two Help Hope Live clients: one an artist standing at her art area, and the second a man in a power chair surrounded by family members and kids.  

Our first catastrophic injury campaign provided help and hope for a local family facing the costs associated with a spinal cord injury. But we didn’t stop there.   

Since our beginnings, identifying areas of need outside of our existing network has been a critical ingredient to our immense impact. That’s why we’re dedicated to expanding the clients and diagnoses we serve with trusted medical fundraising–year after year.   

Today, we partner with client communities across diverse diagnoses within the catastrophic injury community. From traumatic brain injuries to amputations, we can help families fundraise for a lifetime of need and critical costs like medications and co-pays, caregiving, home modifications, transportation, and cutting-edge treatment options.   

Week 9: Support for Chronic Illnesses

A graphic reads 40 and Forward: Donate Now to Expand Our Mission along with two images of Help Hope Live clients. The first client blows bubbles from her black wheelchair. She has light brown skin and a light pink cap with a floral printed long-sleeved shirt. The second client cradles the head of her horse as she is seated in her wheelchair with a riding helmet on.

Rare and life-changing illnesses impact millions of American families. We couldn’t call ourselves a medical fundraising nonprofit without acknowledging the massive financial burden that these patients and families face daily.   

Our doors remained open to individuals living with a wide range of catastrophic illnesses impacting their mobility, health, and quality of life. Trusted medical fundraising with our nonprofit became a critical resource to help offset illness expenses not fully covered by insurance—from co-pays and medications to medical-related travel, mobility essentials, durable medical equipment, and beyond.   

The list of illnesses in the Help Hope Live network grows every year.

That growth is only possible because you’re here to fuel it.   

Week 10: Our Team Grows

40 and Forward for Help Hope Live's 40th anniversary: Donate Now to Join Our Team.

A nonprofit mission like ours is only as strong as our team.

As we expanded to extend trusted medical fundraising support to diverse transplant, illness, and injury clients across the country, our own community of support expanded and blossomed around us.   

Our staff, board of directors, committee members, ambassadors, and donors are just as dedicated to our mission today as our founders were in 1983. Our team reflects diverse backgrounds and decades of industry expertise as well as deeply rooted and highly personal connections to our mission.  

Our nonprofit’s success grew from the efforts of a small-but-mighty team of just a few dedicated professionals and volunteers. Today, your engagement and financial support places you among a national network of friends: patients, professionals, and individuals from all walks of life who care deeply about our life-saving work.   

If you miss any of our weekly posts on social, you’ll find a monthly recap here in our Latest!

Written by Emily Progin