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April Updates for the Help Hope Live Community

“April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”

Quote from writer and naturalist Hal Borland. Are you enjoying the sight of spring now or still waiting for a peek?

Springtime can feel so full of hope as the world slowly comes back to life. Here are a few spring updates from Help Hope Live.

Reminder: Hope in Action on May 31

A graphic features a light blue and teal pinwheel with a gold stem that reads Hope in Action May 31, 2024 with the Help Hope Live: Trusted Medical Fundraising logo. Text reads Help Hope Live will cover the credit card fee for all donations made in honor of clients at

On May 31, we’ll cover the credit card fee for donations made in honor of a client at

We hope you’re participating in Hope in Action! This fundraising day is exclusive to the Help Hope Live community.

We can help you make the most of it! Start with our Toolkit:

Hope Talk Recording Now Available

If you missed our Hope Talk on transitioning from hospital to home after a spinal cord injury, the recording is now available.

It was an insightful and honest conversation that was full of deep connections. No matter where you and your community are in your journey after an injury, this Hope Talk will make you feel seen and understood.

New Hope Talk Announced

A graphic reads Hope Talk:

We’ve announced a new Hope Talk on how to help your community understand why you’re still fundraising post-transplant.

Three client Ambassadors who are transplant recipients and Melanie Johnson, a Client Services Coordinator, will provide practical tips on fundraising and communications both pre-transplant and post-transplant.

Meet the panelists here.

Join us on Thursday, May 16 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET.

Can’t make it? Register to receive a recording of the conversation.

Reese's Rare Disease Story

16-year-old Reese D'Ortenzio is smiling with her tongue protruding surrounded by pink, blue, and yellow birthday balloons. She has light skin, brown hair in 2 pigtails, and a shirt that reads In My Lover Era in groovy letters, and she wears pink sparkling pants and white sneakers. She is seated in her black mobility device, which is adorned with a pink feather boa. The huge sign behind her says Reese's Sweet 16. The caption on the photo reads Voices of Hope: Finding the Hidden Beauty in Our Life with a Rare Disease with mother of Help Hope Live client Reese D'Ortenzio.

“When Reese was diagnosed, I felt like the world was ending…”

The mom of 16-year-old Reese D’Ortenzio is open about how much her daughter’s rare diagnosis overwhelmed her. But then she made a choice.

“Sea glass is a beautiful treasure—one that could only be found by those who took the time to sift and look for it,” she explains:

“Reese is that sea glass. She is the beautiful gem hidden in the sand.”

Our interview with Reese’s mom is a must-read that touches on parenting a rare kid and choosing to see the beauty as well as the challenges of a unique life.

She also touches on how the world can do better at evaluating people based on their unique purpose and value and not what they earn or produce.

Donate Life Month: Touched by Transplant

A photo of heart transplant recipient Bill Soloway and his heart donor's father next to Bill's highwheel bicycle. Bill has light skin and gray hair with glasses and wears a Donate Life t-shirt and shorts. His donor's father has light skin, white hair, glasses, and shorts. His high wheel bicycle is decked out in Donate Life blue and green.

“People genuinely want to help other people…That’s how most of us are wired.”

Bill Soloway is a client Ambassador who received a heart transplant nine years ago.

In our interview, he explains why he feels closer to the transplant community than ever today, plus why he is still fundraising with Help Hope Live.

Don’t miss a great tip from Bill on how to offer strong insights to your community pre-transplant so they understand why fundraising remains a key part of your life after transplant.

Heart transplant recipient John A Lee in a hospital bed surrounded by his wife and five adult children. John has light skin, short dark hair, and a short gray beard. An overlay graphic reads Touched by Transplant with flowering green vines.

“I had no prior experience with transplants…but I felt a peace that surpassed understanding.”

Father of five John A Lee received a transplant in November after lightheadedness during a big move was identified as a life-threatening heart condition.

Lifted by his faith and abundant community support, John has been able to combat the financial burden of transplant through fundraising. His community has raised over $100,000 in his honor through Help Hope Live.

His Touched by Transplant story is full of hope.

...and More Stories to Come!

Donate Life Month may be over, but our celebration of the gift of life continues throughout the year. We will be sharing additional Touched by Transplant client stories this month. Stay tuned!

May Is Mobility Awareness Month

A graphic reads Mobility Matters with a Help Hope Live logo in the lower right corner. The text is framed with a golden and orange sunbeam graphic.

In May, we celebrate Mobility Awareness Month—a time to recognize how mobility and accessibility influence our lives as we raise awareness of how mobility essentials can remain out-of-reach without fundraising.

We recognize Mobility Month with our Mobility Matters series, featuring interviews with our Help Hope Live community to share firsthand perspectives on mobility.

We’ll be kicking off our 2024 Mobility Matters story series soon! Read past Mobility Month stories here.

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Written by Emily Progin