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Bree’s (Brianne) story began almost 20 years ago (2002) in Asheville, NC.

It began towards the end of her freshman year in college that Bree was exposed to the freshman prank of repeated door-knocking, then disappearing when the door was answered. After being awakened several times, Bree jumped up and hit her head on the iron bunk bed above her. Her “dizziness and bad headache” developed into a prolonged series of severe, debilitating headaches, requiring ER visits and a brief hospitalization. These were found to be symptoms of a concussion syndrome, for which she was prescribed several different, yet strong narcotic medications for pain. A few months later, she developed fatigue, chronic abdominal pains and some irritability. That summer, Bree had just turned 19 years old when she was initially diagnosed with liver disease, thought to be a side effect/s of one or more of these narcotic medications. Pursuing her college education or even part-time employment was put on an indefinite hold as Bree began following her liver physician’s prescription of rest, medications and more rest. About six months later (then working part-time) she was determined to return to pursue her education the following year. Despite dealing with a few issues from her liver disease, she persisted, and within a few years, working full-time as well as pursuing her studies full-time, earned her Associate in Science degree in Hospitality/Hotel Management. Experiencing several “flare ups” of the effects of her liver disease sometimes impacted her working full-time in this field during the next few years of her life, yet Bree was not one to complain.
A few years later she was married to her best friend and supporter. Within the next several years, Bree and her husband moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area. She began experiencing more symptoms requiring more rest and less work and her husband (and family) were there to support her. She worked hard, was able to manage these symptoms and complete her studies, maintaining her dean’s list status, while earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Health Management degrees. About 3-4 years ago, she began experiencing several different illnesses involving different organ systems, requiring many different medications, and hospitalizations before finally being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease that affects major/minor muscles of the body, and mimics the symptoms of different diseases. Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness, has no cure and may “flare up” unexpectedly. Bree tries to manage this proactively and avoids becoming fatigued. About 2-2 ½ years ago, during a follow-up exam (MRI) for a prior gastrointestinal illness, a spot was found on her right lung, which was later diagnosed as lung cancer. Bree, with faith and a positive attitude, got through this and is now a lung cancer survivor (!) with some remaining surgical side effects she tries to manage with her physicians’ assistance.
She has always had the drive to serve others and a strong love of, and for children. From her adolescence to adulthood, she has served in her church (choir, usher, outreach, etc.) and her community (homeless shelters, etc.). Her fondest wish is to create and/or develop a free, safe haven/home, and /or community center for kids after school, offering tutoring and other fun activities to assist in their growth and development. With her steadfast faith in God, Bree has always taken life in stride, rolling with the punches, all the while smiling through it all.

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September 8, 2021

Peace & Blessings

Adrienne Senior

September 1, 2021

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Bree. We love You, stay strong. From your cousins, BeeJay, Mikey, Shanee & Corey

Beverly Smith

August 19, 2021

Brianne is a wonderful young lady. Even though she has suffered from multiple ailments since she was a very young child ( including painful fiba mialga she has endured. She has maintained a steady work record and managed to earn a Masters Degree. She deserves to continue in good health. Any contribution/s to help defray the cost of her liver transplant would be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

William Joseph

August 17, 2021

Hi there Brianne, missing you. wishing you God's grace and peace. Love Judy C. Jackson, RRSM

Judy Cochran Jackson