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Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope | 7.31.15

7 Myths About Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Families coping with a spinal cord injury have so many factors to consider, from immediate medical support to long-term care and financial planning. In the final installment of our series, […]

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Voices of Hope | 7.23.15

Meet ‘The Most Accessible CEO In America’

Americans who use wheelchairs spend billions annually on travel and entertainment. Are American restaurants, hotels and hotspots prioritizing accessibility? Brett Heising, the founder and CEO of the accessibility review site […]

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Three Powerful Truths About Life After Injury

Tresa Honaker was an active dancer, aerialist and lifelong athlete when, in January of 2012, she fell 15 feet and landed on her head on a crash mat. She severed […]

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What To Expect During A Pre-Transplant Assessment

Transplant care teams give living donors and transplant candidates psychosocial assessments to determine whether or not they are ready to move forward. Here are answers to your burning questions about […]

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Voices of Hope | 6.29.15

A Bolt Out Of The Blue: Ethan’s Story

For the friends and family of Ethan Kadish, the phrase “a bolt out of the blue” is much more than an expression. It’s a description of a day that changed […]

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Voices of Hope | 6.15.15

How Creating Art Can Help Your Recovery

Art can be a career, a therapeutic exercise, a stress reliever, a way to connect with loved ones or a healthy dose of ‘me-time’ in the midst of a hectic […]

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Voices of Hope | 5.27.15

Best-Ever Advice After A Spinal Cord Injury

We asked four HelpHOPELive clients to answer a single question.The result is a series of powerful insights for anyone who is struggling to keep moving forward after a debilitating injury. […]

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Voices of Hope | 5.18.15

What Can Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Do For Me?

As Mobility Awareness Month continues, we look at how physical therapy can help to boost your body and mind following a spinal cord injury. Robert Mudge became a C5/C6 quadriplegic […]

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Voices of Hope | 5.18.15

Pursuing Your Passions After A Spinal Cord Injury

In honor of Mobility Awareness Month, we are exploring how a spinal cord injury can impact your passions and your perspective on life. Kirk Williams is an avid explorer who […]

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