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Help Hope Live Families End 2023 with a Transplant

Three photos of Help Hope Live transplant recipients. Clockwise from top left: Transplant recipient Valerie is beaming as she lies in a hospital bed wearing a blue and green print hospital gown. She has light skin, clear-rimmed glasses, and straight gray hair. 6-year-old Anayeli is pictured pre-transplant. She has light brown skin, short dark hair, dark eyes, sneakers, black leggings, and a maroon ruffled t-shirt with Minnie Mouse and the text ADORABLE AS EVER. She has her right hand on her hip. The third spot is the Help Hope Live logo in shades of teal and gray with the tagline Trusted Medical Fundraising. Finally, transplant recipient Deanna is on the beach at early sunset with her husband and six young students wearing hoodies for Liberty Christian Academy in gray and maroon with athletic pants or shorts. Deanna has light skin, black-rimmed glasses, and curly brown hair. Her husband has light skin and glasses.

“We are so grateful for all the love and prayers.”



Valerie Frank



Anayeli Reyes

Veronica Venzor Mendoza


double lung

Deanna Blythe

Michael Yarnall

Steven J Hibbard

Text reads Touched by Transplant within a blue circle on a bright orange background with a blooming vine decorative design in teal, yellow, and light green.

A New Year for Hope

Thanks to year-round support from people like you, Help Hope Live is a leading resource to help transplant clients and their communities secure and sustain the gift of new life.

Every month, we celebrate the stories of hope made possible through community support and trusted medical fundraising.

Support for our nonprofit allows us to provide one-on-one personalized fundraising guidance to thousands of transplant families at a time of overwhelming need.

Be a part of a new year for hope. Make a donation today.

Written by Emily Progin