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6-Year-Old Divinity’s Adaptive Bike Surprise

We got another special opportunity to connect with a client family, our community, and our friends at the Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Association this month as we presented a customized adaptive bike to six-year-old Divinity McFarland.

Help Hope Live Executive Director Kelly L Green takes a selfie with Divinity McFarland visible behind her on her new adaptive bike in Flyers orange. With brown skin and braided dark hair, Divinity is with legal guardian Elsie, who has brown skin and long blonde braids, other family members, and two members of the Flyers Alumni Association, both white men in golf attire.

For kids with disabilities like Divinity, adaptive bikes can be life-changing. However, insurance rarely helps cover the cost, which can exceed $6,000 out-of-pocket. This surprise will ensure Divinity has access to the benefits of a customized adaptive bike, which would otherwise be financially out-of-reach.

Adaptive bikes like the ones developed by Freedom Concepts for these giveaway opportunities can provide benefits including improvements to mobility and health with consistent use, access to outdoor spaces and community events, greater participation in activities with family members and friends, and pure childhood joy.

“She is a fun, intelligent little girl with so much life inside her—she suffered a horrific injury, but she remains happy with a positive outlook on life.  Divinity will now be able to be mobile during the summer,” explained Elsie Johnson, Divinity’s legal guardian.

“She deserves to have as much fun as the other children in the neighborhood.”

Divinity’s family will continue to fundraise with Help Hope Live for a lifetime of brain injury-related expenses.

Divinity McFarland is a little girl with brown skin and short black braided hair. She is smiling with a mask over her chin. Behind her is a colorful cartoon city scene. Written by Emily Progin