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4 Incredible Recent Injury and Illness Milestones

New year, new hope. We’re looking back at four spectacular milestones that Help Hope Live clients celebrated this past winter. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating these accomplishments, from new equipment to travel to mobility gains.

Do you have something to celebrate? Whether you’ve reached a major fundraising goal, completed a course of treatment, bought a house, started a new job, or something else, we’d love to feature it in our next post. Send us your reflections and a few photos!

Rob Got His Exoskeleton!

“It’s here. It happened. I now have my own personal Indego exoskeleton! This is insane!”

If you’re a true-blue follower of the Help Hope Live Blog, then you already know the smiling face of Rob Drescher. Under the banner of their #StandWithRob campaign, Rob’s community has been diligently fundraising to help him reach an epic milestone: purchasing an Indego walking device. And they just did it.

In addition to getting Rob standing and moving, the exoskeleton will support better circulation and a lower risk of atrophy or pressure sores. We are delighted to have been a central part of Rob’s journey!

Kirk Traveled to South America!

To put it simply, we’re obsessed with the adventures of Kirk Williams. Kirk sustained a spinal cord injury in 2009. Since then, as his social media gorgeously reflects, he’s tackled multiple milestones from founding his own company for aerial photography to participating in roadtrips, sports, fishing, off-roading, attending concerts, seeing the country…and seeing the world. Yep: Kirk’s in South America!

“This year, Santa, you can skip me and give a little extra to someone else more in need. I’m doing just fine where I am.”

Orion Released His Book!

“Regeneration is my personal narrative…it is a reflection on my journey of recovery and self-discovery.”

At 25, Orion Owens has been living with a spinal cord injury for three-and-a-half years following a recreational dive gone wrong. A videographer, photographer, traveler, and athlete pre-injury, Orion continuously put in the work to regain his mobility and independence. He took a big step recently by launching his exceptional new work, Regeneration.

As Orion shared on Facebook, “The images in Regeneration depict various transformations of natural landscapes and the parallels they draw between our personal biological systems…it focuses on the delicate relationship that humans have with nature and the therapeutic impact that the natural environment can have on us.”

A spellbinding sample of Orion’s body of work:

Some bts of earth roving and droning around Iceland Book release and show this Thursday at 7pm @noustousla Shot by @aldensimmer edited by @nash.howe @juneshineco #orionowens #regeneration #spinalcordinjury #aerialphotography #drone #dronephotography #fromwhereidrone #landscapephotography #recovery #rehabilitation #booklaunch #photoshow #artshow #losangeles #chinatown #guayaki #juneshine #hardkombucha #wheelchair #hotwheelie #journey #story #book #citizensofculture #noustous #noustousgallery

Posted by Orion Owens on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Michael Moved!

“I was getting out of bed a few days ago and just knew I was able to do this.”

In an Instagram video that has now surpassed 4,500 views, Michael Thor reveals the movement that he woke up and simply knew he’d be able to do four years after a paralyzing spinal cord injury.

Both in conversations with the press and his social media posts, Michael is frank about the physical, emotional, and financial burdens that he’s faced since his injury. We love to follow his journey, both inside and outside his Whiskey Kitchen.