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Fundraising Guides, FAQs, and Firsthand Tips

New year, fresh start! The winter keeps rolling, but we’re still ready to spring into a new fundraising strategy with you.

Fundraising Guides Just for You

Need some inspiration? Here are three fundraising guides you can access now:

How to Share Your Campaign on Facebook

Starting a Facebook Fundraiser

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

A graphic reads Find New Fundraising Toolkits with four screenshots of toolkit preview images for Facebook fundraising and Instagram fundraising. There is also a screenshot of's top navigation bar with LATEST circled.

Find New Fundraising Tools

We release new content weekly in our Latest, and we love creating new fundraising toolkits to give you fresh ideas and resources.

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Looking Ahead: Future Fundraising

A graphic shows a roadmap with images to represent fundraising ideas for different seasons - sneakers in summer, cookies in spring, a schoolhouse in fall, and GivingTuesday which with text 308 Days Left.

Seems way too soon to be thinking about spring fundraisers or GivingTuesday 2024, right?

We think it’s NEVER too early to start planning your next big and exciting fundraising effort.

In fact, the earlier you get started, the more time you have to get creative, get your community engaged, and maximize the help you get from our team.

We’ll be telling you all about our new Hope in Action spring fundraising opportunity soon, including a complete toolkit so you can participate your way! And we’re always ready to start discussing ideas for GivingTuesday, which returns on December 3, 2024.

In the meantime, if you have ideas for an outdoor fundraiser to celebrate spring or a virtual get-together to help banish the winter blues, we’d love to help you put a plan together.

Find Quick Answers to Top Questions

A graphic reads Find answers to many of your top fundraising questions: OUR FAQs.

You know we’re always here to provide one-on-one fundraising help.

But in between chats with your Client Services Coordinator, you may come up with some quick questions about our fundraising support, resources, and policies.

Whether you’re new to Help Hope Live or a seasoned pro, you will find answers to some of your top questions in our FAQs page.

We update our FAQs regularly to ensure you can always access quick and reliable answers.

Here are just a few top questions our FAQs can answer:

Are Help Hope Live campaigns eligible for grants?

Yes! Clients who work with us can apply for…[read more]

How is Help Hope Live different from GoFundMe?

Unlike sites like GoFundMe, we provide…[read more]

What happens after I reach my fundraising goal?

Once you reach your fundraising goal, you can continue to…[read more]

In addition to helping you get a better sense of what we do, you can use these answers to inform your support community.

Our FAQs answer not just client questions but also common questions we receive from donors and supporters.

Last Look: Firsthand Fundraising Tips

You hear a lot of tips, updates, and announcements from us in these emails. Why not let a voice from within the Help Hope Live community sign us off instead?

“I have heard so many hassles from my disabled friends in using GoFundMe, and there’s so many GoFundMe scams out there…”

Our client Brenna Ann has exceeded their initial $20,000 fundraising goal with Help Hope Live. They released a YouTube video series that we think perfectly highlights how they found success.

Their insights include how to fundraise in a way that’s welcoming to an online community, tips for providing strong donor communication and updates, and thoughts on learning how to embrace help with a nonprofit (and personal fundraising guidance) behind you:

Written by Emily Progin