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Voice of Hope | 7.14.17

A Tribute to the Gift of New Life

During Donate Life Month in April, we asked you to enter our Touched by Transplant “New Life” Contest by telling us how transplantation has impacted your life. We shared stories from our 4 winners during May and June, but we can’t resist the chance to share a piece of ALL of the incredible “new life” […]

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Voice of Hope | 5.10.17

May is National Mobility Awareness Month!

Why #MobilityMatters When you hear the word mobility, what comes to mind? If you live with a catastrophic injury or illness that impedes your ability to move freely, you already know that mobility is more than just a concept. It’s a word that is closely tied to some of life’s biggest milestones and pursuits. Each […]

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Voice of Hope | 3.10.17

Living with Kidney Disease, I Revel in the Joyous Expectancy of the Good to Come

Melissa Tuff was diagnosed with kidney disease at age 16. She began dialysis at 17 and waited nine years for a lifesaving kidney transplant. After more than 10 years with her new kidney, she is back on dialysis. She is fundraising with Help Hope Live while awaiting a second transplant. Melissa partners with multiple organizations […]

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Voice of Hope | 3.7.17

Voices of Hope: Someone Strong to Lead the Way

On her blog Struggling with Serendipity, Cindy Kolbe documents the journey she and her daughter, Beth, took after Beth sustained a spinal cord injury in May 2000 at age 14. I drove back from my son’s college concert near midnight. Exhausted, I glanced at my 14-year-old daughter, Beth, asleep in the passenger seat. We were […]

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Announcements | 2.10.17

A New Logo and Other Updates for 2017!

If you follow our nonprofit on social media, you have already heard our exciting news. With help from J2 Design, we’ve spruced up our visual identity to give you a better brand experience in 2017. We are now Help Hope Live. Our name is now written Help Hope Live. Note the three separate capitalized words. […]

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Voice of Hope | 12.15.16

Meet My Second Family

Liam Murray began volunteering with HelpHOPELive two years ago and has been a member of our board of directors for the past year.  He also serves on our Development Committee. We sat down with Liam to talk about what charitable giving means to him and his family. Why do you donate to HelpHOPELive?  I donate […]

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Voice of Hope | 12.14.16

Caring for Caregivers: Unsung Heroes of Health Care

We are proud to assist family caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month and throughout the year by helping individuals facing a medical crisis fundraise for their out-of-pocket costs, including caregiving expenses. This post from our friends at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance highlights how caregivers can care for themselves, too. November marked National Family Caregivers Month, […]

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Voice of Hope | 11.4.16

Why I Play Video Games for Charity

In July, the video gaming community came together once again for a good cause by livestreaming for hours straight to raise money for HelpHOPELive. The organization For Cairne Sake engages in monthly livestreaming events, selecting a new nonprofit cause for each mini-marathon. Joshua Dunn, Farronox to his fans, is the organization’s Lead Project Coordinator. We […]

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Voice of Hope | 9.16.16

From Isolated To Independent: Celebrating National Assisted Living Week

Now in its 21st year, National Assisted Living Week celebrates the lives and achievements of individuals with disabilities, long-term illnesses and injuries. In observance of this year’s theme, “Keep Connected,” we are taking the time to recognize the many ways that technology can be used to increase opportunity and facilitate better care and communication. For […]

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