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6 Transplants in February for Help Hope Live Clients

Four Help Hope Live clients who received transplants in February 2024. Clockwise from top left: Pictured before his transplant occurred, Steele Gould has light skin, close-cropped red and gray hair, and a red-and-gray short beard with bright blue eyes. He is wearing a light green hospital gown and an oxygen tube connected to his nose. Rivean Riley is in a hospital bed with a light blue hospital gown connected to many medical monitoring devices. He is holding a red heart-shaped pillow that reads Mayo Clinic. Rivean has brown skin, short curly black hair, brown eyes, a short black-and-gray beard, ad a smile. In a close-up portrait, Benjamin Grajeda has light brown skin, dark eyes, and a black-and-gray beard. He wears a charcoal gray suit jacket with a red shirt or scarf. Fall birch trees with yellow leaves are blurred in the scene behind him. Hannah Bright is jumping into the air with her legs bent at the knee and her arms over her head bent at the elbows. She is on the beach just inches from the water with a Wawa thermos cup in the sand beside her. Hannah has brown skin, dark shoulder-length straight hair, a bucket hat, and a black bathing suit with shorts.


Hannah Bright



Samantha Newton

Benjamin Grajeda



Rivean Riley


double lung

Rober Kraucunas

Steele Gould

Text reads Touched by Transplant within a blue circle on a bright orange background with a blooming vine decorative design in teal, yellow, and light green.

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Written by Emily Progin