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11 Life-Changing Transplants for Our Community in July


Timothy Roy Russell

Lisa Bloom



Suzel Colin

Darwin Hedges

Matthew Nix



Lucas Barbour


lung/double lung

Kathleen Hartman

Laurie Gerow

Ray Kelley

Beth Hollopeter

Ligia Sanchez

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Your Help - Their Hope!

Thanks to you, Help Hope Live client families celebrate the gift of life every month. Community-based fundraising is a critical bridge between what insurance covers and what transplant candidates and recipients truly need to heal, live, and thrive.

You can be the reason a transplant patient finds trusted medical fundraising and one-on-one support from our team next month.

Make a donation to keep our mission strong – and we’ll keep offering help and hope at times of overwhelming need for transplant families across the country.

Written by Emily Progin